15 April 2010

Kelly Chan Wai Lam 陈慧琳

Kelly Chen 陈慧琳 (September 13, 1973) is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress. After graduation from Parsons, she returned to her homeland in Hong Kong to be with her family. Kelly's talent caught the attention of an agent and soon got her first big break in the film Whatever Will Be, Will Be in 1995, and was featured as a singer for the soundtrack of the film. Later that year, Kelly released her first Cantonese album, "Dedicated Lover". The album was a success in Hong Kong and furthered her acting and musical career.

In 2005, her song "Hope" from the Korean TV series Dae Jang Geum (see videp clips attached below) earned Kelly boosted her status in the Cantopop industry as it was a popular song in both Hong Kong and mainland China. This song also improved her earnings as well as the company promoting her at the time. "Hope" was also the top song of charts for 20 radio stations in China and had even set a high record for ringtone downloads. A month after the initial launch, there were a total of over 3 million downloads and to date, the accumulated figure is over 6 million. As such, her record company had earned $5 million after deductions.

Movie Clips courtesy of sammingoc, finalfantasyz & pireshuang

Kelly has also wrapped up her tour, "Lost in Paradise" in 2005 in Asia and 2006 in the United States. "Lost in Paradise" lasted three hours and contained 35 songs from Kelly's lengthy 10-year music career. Vanness Wu was a guest to her concert in Las Vegas.

In 2007, Kelly was appointed as Hong Kong "Innovative entrepreneur Ambassdor" and had sung the theme song "Innovation" (創) for the "Innovative Entrepreneur of The Year 2007" organised by City Junior Chamber, Hong Kong. Kelly's responsibility is to promote the awareness of entrepreneurship to youngsters and to attend the various promotion events organised.

Her film debut was in 1995, in Whatever Will Be, Will Be (仙樂飄飄 1995, Xian Yue Piao Piao, literally Heavenly Music Floating in the Air).
Lost and Found (天涯海角, 1996)
Anna Magdalena (安娜瑪德蓮娜, 1998)
Hot War (幻影特攻, 1998)
Metade Fumaca (半支煙, 1999) - Cameo
Tokyo Raiders (東京攻略, 2000)
And I Hate You So (小親親, 2000)
Lavender (薰衣草, 2000)
Calmi Couri Appassionati (冷靜與熱情之間, 2001)
Merry Go Round (初戀拿喳麵, 2001) - Cameo
Infernal Affairs (無間道, 2002)
Infernal Affairs III (無間道 III, 2003)
Breaking News (大事件, 2004)
Super Model (我要做Model, 2004) - Cameo
McDull, The Alumni (春田花花同學會, 2006) - OL
It's a Wonderful Life (心想事成, 2007)
An Empress And The Warriors (江山美人, 2008)

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waliz said...

never heard of her before...hehehe

whatever it is i hope she's success in her career...

err wow...can u put Malaysian hotties for once? i wanna see who's the lucky one to appear in yr blog...

WoW said...

Hi Waliz
oh, it doesn't matter if you have not heard of her but she is quite famous in HK, Taiwan and mainland CHina. Malaysian hotties hmm...i will consider that in my subsequent post but let me do some extra research first hehe

What a bad day for me. Someone has reported to the mybloglog's admin that my avator was being too sexy or 'adult' in other sense and thus, the admin sent to me a private message informing me about the breach and the next thing I realised was that my blog in mybloglog was no longer to be seen on mybloglog page. (only accessible via my community )

Anyway I have changed my avatar and a report has been sent to the admin in this regard.

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waliz said...

oh.. who is tht bloody idiot who has got nothing to do than be a kaypoh..i dont think yr previous avatar was too sexy..i've seen worst than tht!

i agree wth u...wht a bad end year luck but to think of it..i think its better for u to start afresh for a new year and hopefully wth yr new avatar u can get more traffic for yr blog..hmm..good luck!

ab the msian hottie..u can just forget ab it him u find tht no babe qualified to be shown in yr blog...hahaha

WoW said...

hehe..I'll try to find no matter what.

bluedreamer27 said...

well sorry for looking at other comments well just ignore that person
as long as you are not doing anything wrong right....
maybe she's just jealous to you
(i see thats why i was wondering why youve change your avatar)

well i am so having a bad time like you
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(i wonder why)
well she thought i was spamming

bluedreamer27 said...

back to the comment....
the girl is not that familiar with me
but she possesses a strong beauty
she was like a Korean beauty for me
uhmmmm are you featuring an actress from Phil too

WoW said...

ok, although I'm not familiar with your country's celebrity at all, I'll do you a favour anyway right after waliz one casue she requested earlier, hehe

just curious why some many ppl can't just mind their own business sighhhh

waliz said...

thanks wow..now bluedreamer..u queue behind me quitely ...wait for yr turn...hehehe

Hye said...

Hello wow!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Have fun!!!!

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bluecrystaldude said...

lol. sorry for reading those comment above me. I can't help but to be busy body also. If you asking me, I don't think your avatar before was too explicit.

anyway, back to the topic, I heard about Kelly before from my Chinese friend. He said she is a 'bomb'. well, he's correct at certain point. But I look at her as a matured and independent person. [totally base on the first impression]

themuxicbox said...


Thanks for featuring Kelly, I love her songs ;D

Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


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