19 April 2008

Jackie Chan 成龙

Jackie Chan (
成龙, born Chan Kong Sang April 7, 1954) is a Chinese actor, action choreographer, film director, producer, martial artist, comedian, screenwriter, singer and stunt performer. Chan is one of the best-known names in kung fu and action films worldwide for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons and innovative stunts. He has acted since the 1970s, appearing in over 100 films, and has received stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a cultural icon, Chan has been referenced in various pop songs, cartoons and video games. Besides acting, Chan is a Cantopop star, having released 20 albums since 1984 and sung many of the theme songs for the films in which he has starred.

Jackie Chan has received worldwide recognition for his acting, having won several awards including an Innovator Award from the American Choreography Awards and a lifetime achievement award from the Taurus World Stunt Awards. He has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars.

Chan is a cultural icon, having been referenced in Ash's song "Kung Fu" as well as in "Jackie Chan" by Frank Chickens, and television shows Celebrity Deathmatch and Family Guy. He has been the inspiration for manga such as Dragon Ball, the character Lei Wulong in Tekken and the fighting-type Pokémon Hitmonchan. In addition, Jackie Chan has a sponsorship deal with Mitsubishi Motors. As a result, Mitsubishi cars can be found in the most recent Jackie Chan films. Furthermore, Mitsubishi honoured Chan by launching Evolution, a limited series of cars which he personally customised.

A number of video games have featured Jackie Chan. Before Stuntmaster, Chan already had a game of his own, Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu, released in 1990 for the PC-Engine and NES. In 1995, Chan was featured in the arcade fighting game Jackie Chan The Kung-Fu Master. In addition, a series of Japanese Jackie Chan games were released on the MSX by Pony, based on several of his films.

Jackie Chan is a successful singer in Hong Kong and Asia, having begun producing records professionally in the 1980s. He often sings the theme songs of his films, playing them during the closing credits. In 2004, Chan launched his own line of clothing, which bears a Chinese dragon logo and the English word "Jackie".
Chan has always wanted to be a role model to children, remaining popular with them due to his good-natured acting style. He has refused to play villains and has never used the word fuck in his films. Chan's greatest regret in life is not having received proper education, inspiring him to fund educational institutions around the world. He funded the construction of the Jackie Chan Science Centre at the Australian National University and the establishment of schools in poor regions of China.
Chan is a keen philanthropist and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, having worked tirelessly to champion charitable works and causes. He has campaigned for conservation, against animal abuse and has promoted disaster relief efforts for floods in mainland China and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. In June 2006, he announced the donation of half his assets to charity upon his death, citing his admiration of the effort made by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to help those in need. On 10th March 2008, Chan was guest of honour for the launch, by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, of the Jackie Chan Science Centre at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University in Canberra.

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ketuk_angel said...

wah one of the best actor that i missed his action... could u plz wrote an article about Stephen Chow... heee

MIchael Aulia said...

I love Jackie! He's a great martial artist, but also he does it in a "fun" way to watch :)

Too bad he's getting old now.. (same like Jet Li)

Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal said...

He's made a great contribution to the world. Good idea to point that out.

Plampitan said...

Wow.. I don't know Jackie Chan is a friend of Paris :)

Anyhow, he's a real movie star regarding his age. Not many artists or celebrities that have his charms and (great) attitude.

P.S.: Looking forward to watch Forbidden Kingdom

Marcus Hochstadt said...

Great homage to an exceptional actor. Thank you!


Herbert said...

I've always been a huge fan of Jackie Chan (hey that rhymed!).

Although it wasn't his greatest movie, I'd have to say my favourite feature would be Rush Hour 2. Absolutely hilarious (arguably)!

waliz said...

i loveeee jackie chan!! he is my idol since i was a kid..love to watch his movies especially when it included martial arts ..cant wait to watch forbiden kingdom wth jet li..my other hero!

WoW said...

wow, there are indeed a lot of Jackie 's fans here. He is an icon not only for the Chinese but for other races as well.

Anonymous said...

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