07 June 2008

Han Hyo Joo

Han Hyo-joo (born February 22, 1987) is a South Korean actress and model. She made her debut in the sitcom Nonstop 5. She joined the ranks as a prominent Pan-Asian star due to the rising popularity of Spring Waltz (the fourth and final installment of Yoon Suk-ho's season drama series - following Autumn Fairy Tale, Winter Sonata and Summer Scent) in other Asian countries, including Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore.

Recently she has been in the limelight for her accomplishments in the movies, TV drama series as well as commercials. These were recognized by the foreign press and fans from many Asian countries. In response to her numerous adoring fans, she has made a few major steps to demonstrate her talents as an aspiring actress, despite her rather short acting career.

The film called Ad-lib Night (a subtle drama by Lee Yoon-ki, follows a young single woman who rediscovers herself through an eerie overnight encounter with strangers) in which she has the starring role premiered in November, 2006. The film has been made to highlight her potential as a gifted actress, not necessarily for commercial success. To top her already busy schedule, she just has been chosen for the title role in a daily soap opera , called 'Like Land and Sky (하늘만큼 땅만큼)', on KBS in January 2007.

Recently, she has been casted in SBS' drama, Iljimae, which also stars Lee Jun Ki, Lee Young Ah, and Park Shi Hoo. Her latest film, Ride Away, will debut in the Jeonju International Film Festival.

MC & Awards
2003 First Prize for Binggrae Smile Awards
2005—2006 Popular Songs' MC
2006 26th Korean Screen Critics Award - Best Female Newcomer, Ad-lib Night
2007 20th Singapore International Film Festival - Best Actress, Ad-lib Night
2007 Korea's Best Dressed Award
2007 KBS Drama Acting Awards - Popularity Award
2007 KBS Drama Acting Awards - Best Couple Award (with Park Hae Jin.)

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Linda Leenk said...

i love her too...
young...talented...and beautiful..

kurang tampan said...

great choice..

everyone dreaming her

bluecrystaldude said...

She so cute isn't she? I sometimes wonder whether South Korea and Japan's actress are all this cute :D

bluedreamer27 said...

hey i know her gheeeh philippines are predomminated by korean drama series and and han hyoo joo is one of them
but what i noticed about korea was there unique fashion from head to foot
its pretty unusual but elegant and neat have a great day wow

WoW said...

Love you too Linda Leenk :P

kurang tampan
oh is it so?? hehe

very adorable aren't they?

oic, i never expect you know her. What a surprise!

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