29 January 2008

Linda Chung 钟嘉欣

Linda Chung Ka Yan (Chinese: 钟嘉欣)was born in Vancouver April 9, 1984, Canada as the youngest of three. She has an older brother and sister. She graduated from Templeton Secondary School, Vancouver in 2002. She then studied at University of British Columbia, Canada for a year. In 2004, she joined Miss Chinese International, a beauty contest organized by TVB, and became the third Vancouverite in 4 years to win Miss Chinese International. She was also the winner of Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003.

Linda's first debut in Virtues of Harmony II as "Hung Bak Lam" (Michelle) started to draw attention from the audience. At first, she has been facing the same criticism as another TVB actress Charmaine Sheh about her squeaky voice and lousy acting skills. Later, it slowly faded as her acting gradually improved.Linda is known as "Advertisement Queen" in Hong Kong because of her sponsors and advertisement deals.

After the airing of the critically acclaimed TVB 40 episode drama series Heart of Greed, Linda's acting skills have been improved dramatically. She has been receiving numerous positive reviews for her acting as the first leading actress "Seung Joi Sum" (常在心) in the drama.

Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003
Miss Photogenic (Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003)
Miss Talent (Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003)
Miss Snow Beauty (Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003)
Miss Chinese International 2004
TVB Anniversary Awards Most Improved Female Actress Award 2006

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Dann said...

hi wow.. Every time your new post makes my eyes stick on to the screen. Hot, beautiful and cute celebrities and this time Linda chung took my breath away. She looks so beautiful and innocent..
take care and have a great time ;)

waliz said...

yes she is beautiful..that is all i can say..when am i going to say tht to u Wow?

WoW said...

yes I like to watch her Drama. She is a talented actress.

me...I afraid no one drop by again after posting.lol

bluecrystaldude said...

Well, she definitely beautiful enough to win Miss Chinese International. :DD

I guess if you can change your squeky voice along with your acting skill, you always deserved my thumb up :D

bluedreamer27 said...

her lips are so attracting for me its so cute little one hehe
and she also has a strong beauty personality
btw i made a responce w/ your tag

WoW said...

2 Blues hehe.

in fact I like her squeky voice.

I know, just checked yours and left some words there also.

Anonymous said...

linda is the most beautiful and arractive girl i've met!!she has a great talent in acting n singing ohhh shes so sexy people

Anonymous said...

shes fit inall
if u wanna write to her this is her tvb adress
TVB City,77 Chun Choi Street,Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate,Tseung Kwan O,Kowloon Hong Kong

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