19 January 2008

Amber Chia

Movie Clips courtesy of kennysia, qubedesign & mcjerry.

Amber Chia ( 谢丽萍; born December 14, 1981) is an Asian Supermodel. She was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, but grew up in the city of Tawau, in Sabah, East Malaysia. She began her modeling career at seventeen, after being discovered in Kuala Lumpur, where she was working as an accountant. Chia gained international fame after winning the 2004 Guess Watches Timeless Beauty Contest, which was a global model search for Guess Watch's brand ambassador worldwide. The win also meant that Chia became the first Asian model ever to win a top global professional modelling contest.

Chia was subsequently voted Model of the Year by the Malaysian International Fashion Awards in 2004 and 2005. One of her most defining features is her pouty lips, which are not typically found in ethnic Chinese Malaysians. She is also the creator of Malaysia's first modeling reality competition I Wanna Be A Model.

A number of well-known companies have used Chia in their advertisements, including Sony, L'oreal, and Mitsubishi. On the other hand, Chia drew fire by appearing in the Indonesian edition of Playboy Magazine. The photographs were non-nude, however, and Chia defends them as "tasteful, stylish and sensuous but not pornographic.” Her photos appeared in the "Celebrity" section of the magazine.

Chia is now also a well-known actress in Taiwan and China, appearing regularly in TV host shows and sitcoms. She recently starred as co-lead in a CCTV production 热浪岛, currently in post-production and will be broadcast China-wide in 2008. Amber Chia is currently managed internationally by Looque Models of Singapore.

The 3rd Generation (2005)
Trio & a Bed (2006)
Possessed (2006)
Seed of Darkness (2006)

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waliz said...

i love amber because she represents my favourite brand GUESS..

i love her pouty lips ..she reminds me to angelina jolie...:D

but should listen her when she talks...lol! no comment...

Aleeya said...

love amber chia hehehe


WoW said...

guys like sexy pouty lips like them and besides angelina jolie, shu qi her lip like this as well. No wonder they are famous because guys like their sexy lips.

love ya.. : )

bluedreamer27 said...

uhmmm im not familiar with her but i found her lips so attractive
she was so cute in that picture with white backround and shes so tempting in that picture with writen words "newman" hehhe

Dann said...

hey wow..
Soooo hot. Whew...Can't take my eyes off her. By the way where's her phone number. I was looking for her number in the entire post, but didn't find it. Are you going to send me her phone number personally? "wink"

Take care and have a great time ;)

WoW said...

i think majority of the guys will agree with you hehehehe

oh even if I give you the no, you'll not be able to contact her simply because her line is too "HOT" to get through. lol

bluecrystaldude said...

hehe.. she's hot. and Dann, even you managed to get her number, I am sure you has to get through her manager first. lol

Wilson said...

I love you, Amber Chia. i love your face and your body

Anonymous said...

I used to support Amber Chia. But recently Amber Chia supports PETA. PETA Supports keeping animals loose in the jungle.. Where our jungles are killing poor innocent animals from starvation and poachers...
PETA Demands Us Malaysians to Boycott Zoo's.. meaning we let animals out and let them die by themselves without knowing or even our children learning about these animals... AMBER CHIA this message is to you and your manager for doing a DISGRACEFUL AND SHAMEFUL ACT that not only makes us Malaysians look stupid like you. WE WILL NOW BOYCOTT Whatever you choose to Promote yourself with.. you may look good and all but you have done something which is not at all right to our COUNTRY. I Hope you like what is coming for you. YOU ARE A BIG EMBARRASSMENT!

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