10 January 2009

Tavia Yeung 楊怡

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) is an actress born in Hong Kong August 30, 1979. She has co-starred in numerous Hong Kong television series such as Heart of Greed, Dicey Business, Face to Fate and A Pillow Case of Mystery. In August 2006, Yeung modeled in a multi-page pictorial for the Hong Kong men's magazine HIM in which she also appeared on the cover.

Yeung is a Hong Kong actress for TVB. Having graduated from the 13th TVB artists training course in 1998, Tavia had starred in numerous MTVs and after a few minor roles in series such as Street Fighters and When Dreams come True, she caught the public’s attention with her role as Ah Yan in The Awakening Story (starring Liza Wang), in which she portrayed the younger sister of Maggie Cheung Ho Yee with whom she bears a remarkable resemblance.

In 2003, Yeung was awarded the most improved actress of the year by TVB with her role as Kelly, the rebellious single-mother-to be in Vigilante Force. Since then, Tavia has been selected for many different roles, particularly for ancient series as she has that sense of serenity required for such roles. As the leading lady in Twin of Brothers, starring alongside Raymond Lam and Ron Ng, she became increasingly popular across both the mainland and overseas.

With her ‘girl-next-door’ image, Yeung recently surprised the public[citation needed] with her role in Dicey Business as the sexy Mimi. Followed by the much talked about series ‘Heart of Greed’, Tavia has once again assured the public with her acting skills and secure her place as of the prominent female lead in TVB. In July 2007, she received the award for Best Actress in a Drama by sina.com. Tavia’s elder sister, Griselda Yeung, was one of the final 6 contestants of Miss Hong Kong 2001. Griselda is now also a TVB actress on both TVB Jade and TVB 8.

In 2007, four of Tavia Yeung's series, "*Dicey Business", "Heart of Greed", "On The First Beat", and "Fathers And Sons", made it into TVB's five top rated dramas of 2007. 2008 could be said to be Tavia Yeung's brightest year to date as she was well received by her performance in "Moonlight Resonance". Tavia's portrayal of "Suen Ho Yuet" earned her much praises by audiences and her peers. She won the Best Supporting Actress Award in the recent TVB 41st Anniversary Awards held on 15 November 2008 for her role in this series.

Recent Filmography
A Pillow Case of Mystery (2006) With Benny Chan
Face to Fate (2006) With Frankie Lam
Land of Wealth (2006) With Steven Ma and Moses Chan
Dicey Business (2006) With Bosco Wong
On the First Beat (2007) (guest appearance) With Ron Ng
Heart of Greed (2007) With Bosco Wong
Fathers and Sons (2007) With Wong He and Chris Lai
The Building Blocks of Life (2007) With Alex Fong
Moonlight Resonance (2008) With Moses Chan
Sweetness in the Salt (2008) With Steven Ma and Raymond Wong
Astrology of Love/Stars of Love (2008/2009) With Steven Ma and Michael Tse (Filming)

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