03 January 2008

Katrina Halili

Maria Katrina Irene Pe Halili (born on January 4, 1986 in Quezon City but raised in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines), popularly known as Katrina Halili, is a Filipina actress of half Chinese descent. She is an alumna of the StarStruck talent search and was the cover girl of FHM Philippines for its December 2005 issue. She was subsequently voted as FHM Philippines' sexiest woman for the year 2006 and bagged the title yet again in 2007. She is the first StarStruck contestant to top the FHM Philippines' 100 Sexiest list.

Movie Clips courtesy of bsen19 & chapichaps

2007-FHM Philippines#1
2006-FHM Philippines#1
2005-FHM Philippines#14
2004-FHM Philippines#8
2008-Angela Markado;Captain Barbell meets Darna
2007-Bitoy's Funniest Videos;Marimar;Lupin
2006-Atlantika;Ang Ganda ng Lola ko;Majika
2005-Darna;Love To Love, Season 9: Miss Match;Love To Love, Season 6: Wish Upon A Jar
2004-Forever in My Heart;Joyride;SOP Gigsters;Stage 1: The Starstruck Playhouse
2008-Manay Po 2
2007-Shake Rattle and Roll 9
2006-Super Noypi;Gigil
2005-Sablay Ka na Pasaway Ka pa
2004-Kilig... Pintig... Yanig

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Moneymaking Journey said...

hi!nice pretty girls!I just want to say that the third pic is not Katrina Halili, she's Ehra Madrigal also a Filipina actress who used to work with Katrina in a TV series. The other picture of a girl wearing a brown shawl is ryza zenon.

Maybe you could also feature Ms. Angel Locsin?Thanks!

A2V said...

Hello, its nice to have a filipina featured in your blog, hope there could be more, Katrina Halili is popular here in the Philippines.

WoW said...

moneymaking journey
oh oh pardon me, it's because i'm not so familiar with Philippines celebrity and i'm doing this for my friend's favour. Anyway, i'll leave it as it is hehe

well i certainly will in the future

bluedreamer27 said...

wow katrina halili
the one who top in the FHM magazine for consecutive years
she so great
i really love her
nice pick
thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk youuuuuu

Webster Twelb said...

One of the picture you post is not katrina halili..where r u from?

Dann said...

woww..she is cute and hot..Can I have her phone number..;) ..have a great time.. I have tagged you..
My love hub

waliz said...

dann..u r naughty!!
Bluedreamer...hmm now u can sleep peacefully huh?

hahaha wow..soryy for mking ths blog as mine..i cant resist to gv comment too ..hahah...

yes nice pic, nice body, sexy and bla bla bla..it makes me wonder smtimes...WOW ..actually u r a girl or boy? hmmmmm...

WoW said...

bluedreamer27 , dann
proud to announce to you all my new assistant- Ms beauty waliz hehe. So, she will be part of the blog as well hehe

good question, i can't figure out myself also hahaha (just kiddinglah)

waliz said...

hmmm i'm so honoured...

pssst wow...i dont mind working part time wth all these beauties surrounding me...hahaha

errr...u cant figure out what am i also?

WoW said...

oh god, I couldn't open my eyes, it's so bright out there and all I can feel is an angel descending....

bluedreamer27 said...

perfect tandem
what you think

waliz said...

i think its cool....wow..where r u?
do u agree or not? shall we post our own photo next? errr as a malaysian hottie of course!

WoW said...

huh err..i really not intend to disclose my info in the cyberspace no matter how. What i can frankly say is that the current avatar is just an 'avatar', nothing more than that. You have a sharp instinct indeed.

waliz said...



mr viruz said...

wow nice one katrina halili? i realy admire that lady she sooooo sexy,preety and she's good in acting too

nice pick huh im sure other filipinos like me will be glad of that

bluecrystaldude said...

yup, she is beauty as always. I am more interested with you and waliz to be posted here. haha.. :P Although I do respect your choice, if you somehow change your mind, do let me know! your blog will be the hottest one in cyberspace. lol ;D

Anonymous said...

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