07 June 2008

Accommodative Financial Solutions

It is common knowledge that a loan be it a personal one or business loan is normally secured by some form of collateral but I bet you have never heard of something like unsecured personal loans. It means to say that a borrower is kind enough to grant you a personal loan without securing any form of security from you. I myself find it hard to accept as well as there is no financial institution in this world willing to take such a risk. However I come across a site that goes against this general rule and this site is known as Accommodative Financial Solutions (AFS). There are basically two broad types of loans available in AFS i.e. business and personal loan. I will concentrate on personal loan here.

What I am going to do now is to keep you informed as to why you must consider AFS as your priority borrower for unsecured personal loans. Unlike others, you save money in your loan application as there is no application fee, upfront fee or any hidden charges involved. As I mentioned earlier the most attractive point in AFS is that they don’t need any collateral or security in the form of landed property, shares and so on from you. All you have to do is just make an application and they will within 48 hours reply to you. They give 100% approval guarantee for loan up to $100K. Too good to be truth? Find out yourself then.



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