18 November 2007

Ella Gun Yan Na 官恩娜

Movie Clips courtesy of hktc103, ellavideo & lilstard.

Ella Koon (Chinese: 官恩娜; Cantonese: Gun Yan Na), born July 9, 1979, in Tahiti, French Polynesia) and raised in Hong Kong, is a Hong Kong-based Chinese singer, actress and model.After finishing high school in Birmingham, England, she began her career as a model in 2000, and appeared in the movie I Do. In 2004, she started her singing career and released her debut album Original. Her second album, Ellacadabra, was released in late 2005. In mid-2005, Koon starred in the TVB's series Revolving Doors of Vengeance (酒店風雲), making her a well-known actress as well. She starred in Survivor's Law II in 2007.

Original (2004)
Ellacadabra (2005)
Abnormal (失常) (2006)

I Do (戀性世代 ,2000)
My Sweetie (甜絲絲, 2004)
Medical Detectives (醫學神探, 2005) (TV Series)
Revolving Doors of Vengeance (酒店風雲, 2005) (TV Series)
Drink, Drank, Drunk (千杯不醉, 2005)
The Shopaholics (最愛女人購物狂, 2006)
Without Words (地老天荒, 2006)
Undercover Hidden Dragon (至尊無賴, 2006)

The Dream of Red Chamber (紅樓夢 , 2007)

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WoW said...

do leave your views, comments and whatever you want to say here. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Few of a telented actress nowadays in Hong Kong. I coincidentaly saw her while I was in HIngKong.

Anonymous said...

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DarKScoRpioN said...

Ella Koon is definately one of my favorite HK actresses. Love to see her playing the Guitar and seeing that smile of hers. Check out some beautiful scans of Ella Koon.

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