18 April 2008


You have monkee spirit!’ is the first anchor text you would be able to see in Monkeychapps.com. I basically have no idea what exactly this phrase ‘monkee spirit’ means nor do I have any idea what amount to ‘monkee spirit’. One thing for sure there must be something to do with monkey (just look at the picture lol). But if you are eager to find out more, do explore yourself here and let me know your answer if you are kind enough :)

Anyway Monkeychapps is a site created by Monkee ‘to vent my ADD-riddled musings and random thoughts’. Don’t be surprised to learn that Monkee is a trained assassin. WoW, can you believe that? Like most of the bloggers this blog is a place for Monkee to put up some interesting journals or articles online for the purpose of sharing his/her works with the public but of course with the qualification that the blog owner i.e. Monkee won’t post up anything that involves deep personal private secrets. I believe you too won’t do that right? Get to know more about Monkee’s blog here.


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Plampitan said...

Obviously this person really likes monkey... in a strange unimaginable way. *shudder*

monkee said...

There is nothing to like about monkee and your blog rocks!

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