16 April 2008

3GB Community

Is there anyone of you disagree with my proposition that social networking is borderless in today context? In case you don't, feel free to express your view here.

My proposition is based on the ground that you can build your own social network either offline or online in particular with the advent of internet connection. It is an undisputed fact that in comparison, online social network building is much easier, faster and more efficient because there are hundreds of millions of internet users up to date and the figure is increasing not proportionally but exponentially every year. All you have to do is to get yourself a PC with internet ready in connection and there you go. You can easily meet new friends online by joining community such as 3GB Community.

3GB Community is a wonderful and powerful platform provided online for you to meet new friends. Unlike conventional community platform, 3GB Community provides you with some other interesting and distinguished features which you may not able to find elsewhere. It’s like a one-stop center whereby you can upload and share your photo albums to all of your cyberspace friends and besides that, it has embedded a new chat system, a system that enables you to chat with other members online. That’s not end of story yet because there is another ‘cool’ stuff that has been duly incorporated as well and that is the new mp3 system that enables you to listen to those latest mp3 hits songs at the same time. Cool right? Build your network, join 3gb community 3gb.biz.


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bluedreamer27 said...

oh is that simillar to friendster and facebook?
the only thing is it got a higher capacity?

WoW said...

this is a new one, that's way it needs assistance from bloggers to promote its site. Do have a look :)

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