15 April 2008


Kinoki’ is not a name for a toy’s product; it’s a brand name for foot pad. Kinoki Detox or Kinoki Foot Pads is a product main for detoxifying your body waste by soaking your feet in water. Reviews have been made in this regard and there are contradicting views as some of the customers seem to agree although a portion disagree that this product is of useful to them. Do check out the pros and cons stated by reviewers before you decide to get yourself one.


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bluedreamer27 said...

wow another great technology with great purpose
btw wow ive got an award for you hehe
in my "all 4 tags blog"
btw have you seen your private page?
i given the link in your mybloglog

WoW said...

yah, I had seen your msg and had done accordingly. Cheers

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