14 April 2008

Josh's Blog

Josh Whitford is the registered web owner for ‘Josh’s Unconventional Marketing Blog’ blog. It is a well-designed reader friendly blog. It is a blog dedicated to share his marketing techniques with you where you may find them beneficial or useful to you in the future if it is not now. Josh is a full time professional blogger. He sets his blog goals every month and he will go all out in achieving his objectives.

You may not unlikely to agree with me that each of his posts has been uniquely written. The purpose is understandable that is to attract the attention of the audiences so that they are willing to spend another few more minutes in reading up his postings. Don’t forget you can play a part in assisting him to achieve his desired aims by subscribing his RSS and as well as favoring his blog so that you’ll be kept informed of his updated posts.

If you are an Entrecard member you can stand chance to win yourself some 500 credits just by posting a comment on any of his posts. So stay tuned!


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Pages For You said...

a very good offer. i think will win it. good work

waliz said...

i'm one of the entrecard member..but i still dont know how to operate it to the max...

WoW said...

pages for you
you won't know unless you try. cheers

do apply for a seller status and then you can earn more credits by selling your service like blog reviewing, giving comments, selling ads and so forth.

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