25 June 2010

Choosing A Right One

Choosing a web hosting is not difficult; choosing a right one properly is. I believe many of you may likely be facing a dilemma as to which particular web hosting company to opt for in particular if you are fresh as because each and every one of them is offering its best deal for you. You therefore may want to seek for second opinion because carelessly subscribed a wrong one may end up wasting your time and your money.

A friend of mine had had a bad experience in choosing a lousy web hosting company before she abandoned it. She told me before she went on to subscribe to that hosting company upon attracted by its attractive offer via its website, she verified with them in order to ensure they could live up to her expectation and of course they replied professionally. Everything went on smoothly until one or two months after her subscription, she found that her site had been consistently down for some reason unknown to her. She complained but all in vain as her problem remained unsolved. She was so disappointed with their poor service provided for and she demanded money back. Sad to say she failed.

So the lesson behind this true story is that make sure you get the right one from the first place and here are some of the recommended hostings for you.

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brad hart said...

finding one that works and not have them screw up their services is even more important. Ever since my host decided to automatically include wordpress 2.3.3 their sql server calls have been maybe a tenth of the speed they used to be...

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