13 December 2010

Domain Registration

Are you looking to register yourself a domain name? (or) Are you still searching for a cheaper domain registration website? (or) Are you intending to set up your own website?

If you do, look no further because I want to introduce to you a popular domain registration website and it is known as Pay Less Domains. As it name implies, you can easily get yourself a new dot com, dot net, dot org and so forth in a cheaper price as to compare to some other websites in similar nature. Upon your domain registration, you will be entitled to enjoy a lot of other benefits provided for to name a few such as 24hrs customer support, free email hosting, free url forwarding, free management tools, free member account and so on.

You may wonder why I’m still using free hosting service provided for by blogspot.com and whether am I contradicting to what I’m promoting here. Well, to tell you frankly, I will and I am going to register myself a domain name very soon and Pay Less Domains will be my first choice to opt for. The very reason as to why I’m still using blogspt.com is simply because I’m still relatively fresh in the blogging world. In other words as a fresh blogger, I’m still in the process of picking up blogging skills, knowledge, and experience and so on. No doubt this learning process definitely will take me some time before I am ready to venture myself fully into blogging world.

Well I must say that this is my own proposition. You may not think alike. Whatever it may be, I strongly encourage you to register yourself a domain name if you do not have one. Search the availability of your favorite domain name here now and register it before it is too late!

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bluedreamer27 said...

gheeeh im so ashamne of myself hehe until know im still not familiar with software technicalities harrgh hehe but then thanks for giving my mind open for this
have a great day wow gheeeh i hope i can have a domain by my self haha

Shanker Bakshi said...

But my dear friend, can you please tell me , you are selling domain name on a site which is hosted on Google blogger and dose not have any domain name, its a good product but you are selling it from a wrong place, your first sale must be a free gift of domain name to look 4 Dream girls

WoW said...

Sure you will but of course it's not free of charge like blogspot. You got to pay for the subscription fee.

shanker bakshi
Well i don't think so. My current one is also considered as a domain name although it is regarded as a free domain hosted by Google blogger and I can promote whatever I want to promote here as there is no violation of the TOS.

Sunit said...

NIce site.. but this domain seller.. is not that cheap ;). I am from India... and I usually prefer, whiz.in or godaddy.com. The offers there are cheaper ;)

-Via EntreCard..

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