11 March 2008

Online Gaming Business

Do you like to play online games be it using Nintendo, PS2, PC or Xbox? I believe most of us do and that including myself and probably most of the dream girls here. Do not feel uneasy if your answer is otherwise, it is probably because you have not found your favorite game yet and I believe it is just a matter of time before you get yourself addicted to playing online games as there are hundreds of online games out there selling in the market ranging from fighting, role playing game (RPG), adventure, sports and many more. Online game is fun, exciting and on top of that, it’s a perfect entertainment for you during your leisure time or after a tiring day of work or after finishes your schoolwork. Be that as it may, do you realise people have been spending hundreds of dollars every year in buying online games. You probably think that is too much. Well, let me show you some facts in order to substantiate my point here.

According to some data, it shows that online gaming market is approximately worth USD164 per second or USD5.2 billion annually. In other words, people have been spending as much as USD164 on online games in every second. Wow, can you imagine that!! The research furthermore shows that in the next 156 weeks, the online gaming market is expected to grow up to USD412 per second!

What is my point here? Three words ‘Grab your fortune’. How? Imagine you are an online game designer; people play your game online. Every minute, every second and every hour they play, you direct or indirectly get paid and it goes on counting even though you are in your sweet dream bed. Now I bet your next question is yeah, that’s sound interesting but I’m not a game designer anyway. Well, my answer to this question is you don’t have to become a game designer to make such a fortune, everything is provided for by online gaming business. Your business site can be up and running in no time and remember that, it runs 7days a week, 24 hours a day and you will get paid whenever you game is being played. An opportunity is waiting for you right here right now, be part of the new revolution and your dreams could be fulfilled real soon.

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neoryan08 said...

In East Malaysia, Gaming is very popular. we got ranging from 10 - 17 years old - game ranging from 4pm til 9pm.

young working adults(me) - 8pm - 11pm

Rich,no need work, - 10pm - 3-4am
Thats crazy.

Crystal said...

Gaming is becoming huge in the urban male population. Personally, I have always been on the periphery of this world, occasionally dipping my foot in the water so to speak to try something news. But game designer, now that's a great and exciting career to pursue!

Michael Aulia said...

There's even jobs for "Farming"..

You pay people to basically get golds and level up your character.. man!

bluedreamer27 said...

wow omline games im addicted to it hehe but everything is just for fun hehe i dont know that you can also make a business into it thanks for sharing wow

Shanker Bakshi said...

Computer gaming was never my thing, but yeah i know someone who is crazy about computer games, i wonder how he get so much of addition, anyway nice post

Jeff said...

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the process that what you are offering , are perfectely matched to my expection, very soon you will get
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