03 April 2008


I believe many of you know this popular photo website ‘flickr.com’ but in case you don’t, you can always find it out yourself on the internet because I’m not promoting it anyway. However, I want to share with all of my audiences/viewers another great and awesome photo blog which you may or may not aware of.

Flickzzz as it name implies is of course has noting to do with flickr. Both of them nevertheless share a common feature i.e. both of them are awesome photo oriented websites. Flickzzz stores a large collection of selected photos in its blog and if you are visiting now, you can see there are more than thirty different unique categories of photos ranging from the first category of ‘Accident’ until the last one i.e. ‘World’ category. Each category consists of a number of carefully selected high quality photos just for you.

Flickzzz’s layout has been artistically designed and similarly its photos have been artistically arranged in such a manner that you’ll find yourself attract and addict to it without knowing the reason why. See for yourself here.

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waliz said...

i know flickr but first time heard about flickzzz..i will g and see it now..thanks wow.!

WoW said...

Hi waliz, hehe hope you like flickzzz

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