10 May 2008


How many types of cards in your wallet? Common ones are business card, identity card, debit card, ATM card, discount cards and maybe credit cards. I think not all of us possess the last one i.e. credit card especially if you are a minor or a student unless it's a supplementary one from your parents. However if you are looking forward to get one for yourself knowing that you are eligible, Credit Card Club should be one of your options.

In Credit Card Club, there are a number of different of categories of popular credit cards for you to choose from. You may well aware that majority of the credit card issuers or banks incur annual fee for their credit facility provided for you. However in Credit Card Club there is a category called 'no annual fee credit cards' and needless to say more, holders of this category will automatically be exempted from paying extra fee annually.

You may also well acknowledged that interest will be accumulated and added into your monthly credit card's bill in the event of any late payment, defaulted in payment, part payment of the whole sum and so on. The amount accumulated has a snowball effect in a long run. It is therefore imperative for you to know which category to opt for in order to lesser your burden and this is under the category 'balance transfer credit cards'. Applying credit card under this category could save you a lot of money on interest because it enables you to consolidate all of your credit cards debts into a single card. Get more information here.


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bluedreamer27 said...

WOW it really help me alot wow
im actually planning to be a member of the pay per post hehee but i dont have credit card of my own
is it really for free or i have to pay for the tansactions?

waliz said...


WoW said...

you dont need a credit card to join PPP. They'll pay you for your works. Consider sponsored reviewed. I have been paying by them.

huh why?? it's convenience.

bluecrystaldude said...

May I know how much you already got Wow? hehe.. I am not sure I could cope with credit card. I am very concern with my overly excess spending habit :P

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