24 May 2008


Most of the stores selling stuff online be it either a small one or a typical middle scale one or some of those prominent heavyweight stores for instance EBay, Amazon (just to name a few) are usually set up and owned by Western people. It is indeed quite rare and seldom though not impossible to locate a well set up online store owned by a country such as South Africa. It is common for people like you and I may want to figure out what kind of online store could that be. Before I disclose the answer to you in the following paragraphs, I let you think of three possible stores and I am more pleased than not if you are kind enough to let me know what your answers are by posting them at the ‘comment’ section below.

Well you may have some brilliant answers in mind but I believe less than 10% of the people could get it correctly, sorry to say that and no hard feeling if you don’t. This South Africa online store that I’m going to introduce to you now is a professional beauty store supplying and selling beauty products, equipment and so on to every part of the world in particular to South African and Southern African salons and Spa’s. Its official name is registered as Beauty Warehouse. Wow! could you have guessed that? South Africa and a beauty online shop, at least not in my wildest thought at all! And you know what; this Beauty Warehouse Shop is the ONLY online beauty supply store in the whole South Africa (geographically I assume you know how big the country is).

There are indeed a lot of beauty products and stuff available at this Beauty Warehouse Shop and I don’t feel like to describe any of them because there are simply too many and I think it’s better for you to explore yourself and find out what you want. Visit Beauty Warehouse here.


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