18 May 2008

Traffic is Money

We know ‘ Traffic Is Money ’ but do you know how to attract not only light but heavy traffic to your site? If you know the secret of attracting heavy traffic, I believe you are enjoying making tons of cash online. And for those who are don’t, it’s not too late to learn anyway. Of course you can’t find any relevant article in this aspect here but I’m going to direct you to a blog known as Rumbling Lankan blog- A Sri Lankan Money Making Blog owned by Nishadha.

It’s a blog aims to give you some tips, advices and guidance in particular if you are a fresh blogger or if you are relatively new in this blogging environment. There are ample of topics that you may find it useful and of beneficial to your blog. One good example is the comparison made between the use of Blogger and Wordpress. Since I’m using the former, I’ll not say anything about it :p but if you intend to find out what are the differences, do check it out here . If you want to know on how to add a favicon to your blog like mine, it’s all on its latest post ‘How to Add a Favicon to Blogger’.


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waliz said...

i wish i can make tons of cash online...but so far i didnt succeed...theres lots of way but i dont know which one to select..

Best Video Collection said...

hye waliz and author..

everyone that surfing the internet of course had some opportunity to make tons of cash..

but the best is effort that you can contribute to make it.

so keep a good effort. you will success soon.

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bluedreamer27 said...

oh wow can i ask something is it okay to used k=joint accnt in getting into an online business

WoW said...

haha I wish you could do that and then reveal your secret to me.

best video collection
can you elaborate further?

what is k=joint acc?

bluecrystaldude said...

I love traffic.. And I love money. But I just don't feel (yet) to make money from my traffic. Hehe :)

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