15 June 2008


Few days ago I came across a brillant site called IDrive (online data backup site) and without any delay, I quickly signed up myself an account there. It is because I have a lot of data that I desperately need to back them up in order to prevent any unforseen circumstances that would happen either to my PC or my data stored in internet.

As I briefly said earlier, I use the spacious backup space provided for (2GB) to store all my important data, pictures, files and so on. I personally believe IDrive is my preferable choice compared to its counterparts because I find that Idrive is more ease of use and user friendly. Apart from that, I realised that IDrive recently was awarded ‘101 Best Freebies’ by the PCWORLD due to its outstanding service provided for. Therefore, I'll keep on using IDrive as my online data backup service provider.

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