02 July 2008


I went to a ball sometime last month held in a 5-star hotel. I met an old friend of mine unexpectedly where we have not been contacting each other for many years. I was so happy and we had a long conversation that night. We talked about our lives, family, career and so on. After chatting for a while, she told me a small secret that she wasn’t happy with her marriage because she couldn’t find enjoyment or pleasure anymore in her life. I asked further. She eventually told me that the main problem actually lies on her husband who has not been able to satisfy her sexual needs. I guess you know what she tried to say here.

We know that size does play a big role in a man’s life. A man naturally feels uncomfortable if his penis size is shorter than a normal male’s size because if a man is having a shorter or small size, this would affect him physically, mentally or emotionally. In contrast, bigger in size means more power, more ego and as well as higher self –esteem. The only solution to my friend’s husband problem is to find a way on how to increase penis size. Upon online searching, I came across MXMAN-an invigorating herbal enhancement formula that could help my friend’s husband to attain bigger in penis girth and size. I called her up and introduced her to find out more information about this MXMAN. She thanked me. After that we did not hear from each other again until yesterday, she visited me together with her husband. She told me the pills worked well for her husband and she told me that she wants to have a baby soon.

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