11 July 2008


My aunt’s husband who is a sub-contractor forced to restructure his company recently due to the failure to collect payments from his customers mainly main constructors and land owners. Upon hearing of this, I know he needs to seek the service of attorney in order to claim back any debts owing to his company. My friend Janet who is currently working in a legal firm was kind enough to inform me that there is a firm where my uncle should pay a visit to and this firm is known as ProLien. ProLien is one of America’s most experienced mechanic lien attorneys according to Janet. She said that this law firm is specialized itself in construction dispute matters.

Janet further reminded us that in this type of dispute, legal action must be taken immediately so as to prevent this action from being time barred. She said that once this case has been handed over to ProLien, its attorney in charge will immediately file a mechanic’s lien on my uncle behalf for the value of services provided by my uncle company. After that, Janet told us that ProLien will follow up the case and if they refuse and not to pay the sum demanded, ProLien will provide legal representation to resolve the issue professionally. Janet gave assurance to my uncle that ProLien is the one that he should be seriously considered of.


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