14 July 2008

Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe is a census-designated place in San Diego County, California with a small population. It is one of the highest income communities in the United States. Rancho Santa Fe is primarily all residential with one shopping avenue as well as several private schools, condominiums, single family residential areas and if you want to find a Church in Rancho Santa Fe, there is an emergent Church located at 6365 El Apajo Road.

God loves every one of us including you and me although we are sinful in nature and have always been disobeyed His teachings but the almighty God tolerates and forgives what we had done in the past irrespective of how heinous sins it might be simply because He knows our strengths and weaknesses so long we sincerely and solemnly ask Him for forgiveness. He listens to our prayers; He acknowledges our problems, difficulties, hardships etc and He will work in His special way to save us either by performing miracles on us, dispatching His disciple to help us, guide us and so forth. Because of that, He deserves our worships, praises, love and gratitude.

Pastor Bob who has earned three master's degrees and a doctorate (DMin) is one of the God’s trusted disciples whom God has dispatched him to teach His Words to listeners of all ages in Rancho Santa Fe. Pastor Bob has a wonderful family. He and his wife Bonnie live in Encinitas with their three children- Mitchell, Annie and Matthew. You are welcome to see Pastor Bob for your problems or if you want a better marriage, advice, guidance and so on. Pastor Bob is always there to help.


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