13 November 2010

Nicole Richie

Nicole Camille Richie (born September 21, 1981) is an American socialite, actress, television personality, author, model, and singer. She is known for her role in the reality show The Simple Life and her turbulent personal life. Nicole Richie was born Nicole Camille Escovedo in Berkeley, California. She is reportedly the biological daughter of Mexican/African-American percussionist Peter Escovedo III and a white woman identified only as a backstage assistant on Lionel Richie's 1980 world tour; Escovedo was a member of Richie's band. Reportedly, Nicole's mother was never a factor in her life, and Escovedo raised her alone.

Movie Clips courtesy of richmayne, Princesa47k & verga.

"The Simple Life"
In 2003, Richie and Paris Hilton starred in Season 1 of the reality series The Simple Life, in which they lived for a month with a family in the rural community of Altus, Arkansas. The series debuted on FOX on December 2, 2003, to high ratings. The premiere episode drew 13 million viewers, increasing FOX's Adults 18-49 rating to 79%.

In Season 2, The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, the girls traveled the South driving a pink pick-up and living in a trailer. The girls had no money, credit cards or cell phones and were required to work various jobs during their trip to earn money. Their jobs included farmworkers, mermaids in an underwater show, hotel maids, sausage makers, crawfishers, working for a baseball team, working in a beauty salon, Deputy Sherrifs, and working on a cattle ranch. The girls also stayed with different families or in trailer parks and on one occasion, a nudist resort.

In Season 3, The Simple Life 3: Interns, the girls traveled the East Coast on a bus, staying at 15 different families' houses. The Simple Life 4: 'Til Death Do Us Part followed the girls as they traveled around California, acting as wife and mother to various families, though both would do tasks separately and not be seen together on screen. The Simple Life 5: The Simple Life Goes To Camp, debuted on E! on May 28, 2007, with Hilton and Richie reconciling on Richie's birthday in the season opener. Season 5 saw a sharp decline in ratings. It was announced on July 30, 2007 that the show would not be renewed for a sixth season.

Nicole Richie on the cover of her book, The Truth About Diamonds In 2005, Richie wrote a semi-autobiographical novel, The novel is loosely based on her life, but is mostly fictional. It chronicles Chloe Parker, the adopted daughter of a singer who makes her way through all of the hottest nightclubs and parties in Hollywood and battles a drug addiction.
It was rumored that a character in the book, Simone Westlake, was based on Paris Hilton.

Public Image
Richie has had a string of high-profile relationships. She dated DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) from 2004 to 2005, and they broke up after a nine-month engagement. ichie was also briefly linked with Brody Jenner of The Hills. ichie's highest profile relationship thus far has been with Joel Madden, of the band Good Charlotte, an ex-boyfriend of Hilary Duff.

On July 31st, 2007, Richie confirmed that she and boyfriend Joel Madden were expecting a child, due in early January 2008.She gave birth to 6 lbs. 7 oz daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden on January 11, 2008 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

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babe killer said...

Hey, i didn't notice Nicole Richie was so cute too. Just imagine if i could have paris hilton on my left and nicole richie on my right. i had my hands around their shoulders and theirs around my waist. Hee hee... :)

Dann said...

hey wow..
wazz up.. simple life..I used to watch that often. and what's going on with celebrity. Everybody's writing a book. Is it some kindda fashion? Paris hilton has also written the book based on her life. May be they wanna show they are multi multi talented. Wheww...
congrats richie for your first child..
have a great time wow..take care .

waliz said...

i love to watch them in simple life..they looked so beautiful,rich, elegant and sometimes arrogant..not to mention dumb...hehehe..cant help to say tht either...:D

i can see she's pregnant..wow!

bluedreamer27 said...

now i know why paris hilton and nicole richie are best of friends
because they both have the same taste in fashion
esp those big sun glasses in which i almost seen in paris and that bangs too hehe
and i think shes beautiful pregnant than christina
(just my opinion)

WoW said...

baby killer
if this is the case, you'll be the most happiest man in the world.

i think it's quite common nowadays for celebrity to come out his/her own autobiography either sooner or later. I think it's way to promote themselves as well besides making money out of the publication.

WoW said...

Actually she delivered her first daughter already early this month. Can't believe she is a mother now

err..the term "best friends" is questionable. Nicole made a statement earlier that she was no longer a friend to Paris, they reconciled anyway after some long period of time. I think the reconciliation maybe because of the TV series 'simple life' but I have some doubt over their reconciliation...

bluedreamer27 said...

oops i missed that statement in TV
i just wondering if nicole is the one i saw as the endorser of a famous brand victorias secret

mr_viruz said...

wow nice post i tougth it was paris hilton hehe anyways
i gave you an appreciation award
hope you like it

WoW said...

yap, they two do look alike. Thx for the award also.

bluecrystaldude said...

ok, so I must admit I really in love (one of my many loves) with Nicole. But this only start after she finish with Simple Life's series. She became more elegance, sophisticated and an icon after that. She met Joel Madden, not too thin and pregnant too!

I still remembered at one fashion show for her friend, she just pulled off her shirt and showed to the world her breast!OooooOOOOooo...

WoW said...


Actually I wanted to post that photo as well (SX21) but after thinking twice, I better not or else someone (busybody) again may report to the mybloglog admin.

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