28 April 2008


I can safely say that everyone in this earth irrespective of whether they are rich or poor like this magical word ‘FREE’. We are living in a capitalized society and since the very first day we learn how to pay in order to get something, we know that nothing is practically free of charge in this material society as there is always a say that ‘there is no free lunch in this world’. Feel free to express your disagreement with my statement here.

However, I recently discovered a site that gives you tons of free stuff. Believe it or not? Keep on reading and see for yourself. This website is known as mySavings.com. From the title of the website, you know it has got something to do with saving. This wonderful site is basically linking hundreds of different of stores selling different kinds of quality products together. You can find shops like automotive shops, beauty shops, baby shops, health, magazine and more. What they are trying to do here is that all these shops give out Free Samples, printable coupons, Grocery Coupons, restaurant coupons, deals and so on to you.

I believe this is a win-win solution. You can get Free Stuff from there without incurring a single penny while looking at the shops perspective, they are in a way to promote and market their products to the whole internet users. They believe their products and they believe you’ll come back again after using their samples provided for you. You save money from buying unnecessary or unsuitable products from offline stores. They know their customers needs. Thus, this is why I call it a win-win situation.

Besides that, this site incorporate a ‘compare prices’ feature whereby you can compare stuff of similar nature without any hassle. You do the price comparison before making your decision. Get your free stuff now. It’s all free!


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