03 June 2008


I’m not surprise at all if you tell me that you have never heard of Bushleague dot com before not until you read this post. I myself get to know about this site less than 24 hours ago. Bushleague obviously has got nothing to do with the current United States President; it however has got everything to do with men’s lifestyle. Bushleague is like that of an uncle who would buy you beer and teach you some practical techniques on how to pick up high school girls. Cool…man :)

Bushleague regarded itself as a center of information web hub for people like you and me. There are a lot of interesting stuff waiting for you to explore there. It’s not just like another typical blog; it’s more than that as it’s a blog that talks about ladies, sports, video games, good music and many more. Do explore Bushleague as I believe there are definitely some interesting topics that may attract your attention and don't forget to check out some of the funny videos there as well.


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