02 June 2008


Do you know you can get paid for short films that you had recorded in the past? Well if you don’t, then it’s my pleasure to inform you that make sure you don’t throw away any of your recorded short films, comedy shorts, domestic films etc nor keep them under your pillow simply because there is an awesome website willing to pay you money for your films. This awesome website is known as minimovie dot com.

Your film needs not to be in English language as you are allowed to submit your film in other languages of your choice as well. However, do bear in mind that you must the rightful owner of that film and make sure your film does not exceed 15 minutes in length before making your submission. Upon the submission and evaluation, minimovie dot com will contact you and pay you an up-front fee for license so that they can legally publish your film. So if you are an amateur or a professional filmmaker, this is a golden platform for you to generate some handsome amount of money but don't worry in case you aren’t because you are equally welcomed to submit your films there.


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