14 June 2008

Pic Vi

A friend of mine forwarded some funny pictures to me about few days ago and a link named Pic Vi was attached together. I opened it up without much hesitation. I realized that PicVi is another simple designed blog but let me tell you that this blog basically contains nothing except tons of beautiful, glamorous and astonishing pictures and as well as video clips. The lady in lingerie as shown above was taken from Pic Vi :p

In Pic Vi, you can see that there are a total of seven broad categories of pictures and videos altogether namely babes, cars, fun, games, nature, sports and uncategorized. Notwithstanding to the fact that there are only seven categories, each category however has been storing a large number of awesome pictures and clips. You can simply pick and download pictures there for free and trust me there are some marvelous pictures waiting for you to download as you can save it and put it as your desktop wallpaper.

One more thing before I forget, you are also welcome to submit any pictures or video clips to Pic Vi and your pictures or clips will be uploaded and posted there in no time. I think this is one of the best ways to share your stuff with others in case you want to save some limited space in your blog. All right, I’ll stop here and do drop by Pic Vi.

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