26 July 2008


Five minutes ago I signed up a free account at EPAY via www.epayarea.com. I get to know EPAY through a cyber friend of mine, Rachael who emailed to me the link. She is a full time housewife cum an enthusiastic blogger. She keens to learn everything about making money online and for your information; we are used to share our opinions, useful money making tips, sites, etc. She urges me to open an account at EPAY because she told me that this is a great site for online payment and it operates with virtual units within the members’ network. It uses EPAY Dollars and EPAY Euros. She also advised me to apply for a EPAY premium debit card.

At first, I felt uncomfortable to her advice due to the very fact that EPAY is relatively a new payment system to me. I decided to find out more about it and to my surprise, I realized that I can do a lot of things using EPAY premium debit card! First and foremost, EPAY debit card is accepted internationally. It works exactly like a credit card or cash card and offline there are more than one millions ATMs worldwide using this virtual card!

Online, I can use it to make or to receive online payments for instance via platforms such as EBay, Paypal, Google and so forth. As an internet user and as a blogger, I fully agree with my friend Rachael that I indeed require to apply a card as such for myself as I do have some online business and thus, transferring money online from here and there is something unavoidable. Another reason why I choose EPAY debit card is mainly because it includes countries that are not recognized by some online payment systems for example, South Africa, Philippines, India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Imagine what the China and India markets could offer to your online business. I’m taking about billions of population! Find out more about EPAY debit card today.


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It was a nice write up. I look forward for more such interesting one in near future.

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