20 September 2008

Britney Spears Blog

Britney Spears fans! Britney Spears fans! Britney Spears cordially invite you to pay a visit to her Brittanys Blog; a special blog that dedicates to furnish you with all the latest information about Britney Spears’s life, her gossips, news and many more. You won’t want to miss any of them if you are one of her fans and even if you are not, you are equally welcomed to visit her blog HERE.

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votetheday.com said...

Well, we all know, that former pop princess have not been well recently: starting from divorce, lost custody of her children, and ending with hospitalization in a psychiatric ward.
Her last album, "Blackout", was no big success.
But at MTV VMAs Britney looked perfectly (conversely to last year performance), grabbed few awards and it seems like all problems are in the past now.
The talks are going, that she is recording new album, due in December, and its first single will be released in November, followed by spectacular performances.
Is this will start the second era of Britney Spears? - http://www.votetheday.com/polls/britney-will-high-rise-before-christmas-256/

bluedreamer27 said...

im a big fan of her when she was just starting to build up her career but after so many confidantil ans scandalous issue thrown to her i stop idolize her b8but im happy that she's slowly getting back to the tracks

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