17 November 2008

Moveme dot com

Have you ever heard of moveme dot com? Moveme dot com apparently is one of few that won both the prestigious Yahoo Innovation Award and the Yahoo People's Choice Award so far. You better believe it. Moveme dot com basically provides professional services such as free mortgage quotes online, insurance service, home service, removal quotes and so forth to its customers. Here I’m not going to explain all of them but selectively I’m going to input you with ‘free mortgage quotes’ and ‘removal quotes’.

In regards to the free mortgage quotes service, you in fact can get your mortgage quotes quickly and easily through moveme dot com although there are over 16,000 mortgages available online. Without the use of moveme dot com as a channel to your mortgage search, you may end up exhausting your time, effort and energy in looking for a suitable one. Moveme dot com is of ease of use and user friendly. All you have to do is just filling in a few details about yourself and the home you want to buy, then moveme dot com will get you an independent qualified broker and he’ll get you a range of quotes that suits your needs. It can inevitably save you a lot of your valuable time from searching directionlessly.

In free removal quotes service provided for by moveme dot com, you get FREE online quotes from removal companies in your area by simply filling in a form. Moveme dot com will do the matching for you based in your locality and your specific requirements. Moveme dot com guarantees to you that all the removal companies are duly licensed and insured. The removal company offers a complete move service including packing and unpacking your goods, disassemble & assemble your goods for you and so on. You can count on them as they are well-trained to do the job for you. Visit moveme dot com and find out more today!

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