09 April 2008


Tara Reid is an American actress. She was born in 1975 in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Reid is the daughter of Donna and Tom Reid. She has two brothers and a younger sister. She began her career since childhood and she has been starring for not less than twenty movies so far. The Big Lebowski, American Pie 1 & 2, Alone in the Dark are some of the films that she is known for her roles. Land of Canaan and Clean Break are her upcoming films to be shown in cinemas in the year 2008.

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bluecrystaldude said...

Ok, she may be kinda beautiful, but I always think her nose looks a little bit weird! lol. Seriously.. Looks like she has done a nose job (and when wrong) or something..

WoW said...

yes, she went for surgery not only to nose but some other parts as well.

bluedreamer27 said...

gheeeeh ive notice that too
hello wow have a great day

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